Monday, 4 April 2016

Sneakers Shoes: The Latest Obsession

Sneakers are not just about sports and changing rooms. Today, sneakers can be worn from day to night. Life in sneakers is comfortable and it's trendy. So what will the fall winter 2015-2016 trends of sneakers be to adopt? Selection of sneaker shoes in Dubai for winter is imperative to you! For several seasons, the basketball sneaker is the new shoe. Comfortable and stylish, it is easy to wear and completely unavoidable. The time has completely gone when sneakers were only reserved for athletes and rappers. Today, more than ever, the sneakers are democratized.

What models to choose this season? 
Sneakers are now indispensable in your wardrobe! Have you had enough of the Stan Smith? You will not be disappointed. All trademarks are inspired by Queen Smith. The models are very similar overall. The idea is the same. Low white sneakers, laces or with the color heel. Wear it with a boyfriend jeans or even your little fall dress in black, these sneaker shoes are just perfect.

The iridescent sneakers
Gold or silver, let it be said, the sneakers of the season will be iridescent. At your feet, all that glitters! It's the return of flimsy tops. Wear those long tops with denim shorts and low sneakers for the monopoly on the planet. Today, it is time for the rising trying their luck a sportswear. You have all the choice.

How you wear the sassy sneakers? 
Please note, rising sneakers do not go to everyone. So you got to be careful, but still carefree. Indeed, they are better for large bunched-tops for small silhouettes. For a perfect combination avoid wearing them with flare jeans. It is preferred to skinny jeans or short dresses with high-tops.

The black & white sneakers
If gold and silver are the joy of your sneakers, the black & white is in this year for 2016. What are you waiting for? Click for sneaker shoes!

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