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Gold anklets: How to assure its authentic gold?

How to identify a gold carat
The carat refers to the metal of the gold content. The proportion of pure gold mixed with another metal alloy determines the number of carats of the room. The carat of gold is represented in many countries abbreviated kt or k. Looking for gold jewels such as anklets? Find the best rate of gold anklets in Dubai at

Purity and value
The higher the proportion of gold used, the higher the room takes on value and becomes expensive. For example, an 18k gold anklet will be more expensive than a 14k and an anklet will be more expensive than a 9k one.

•    9k gold
9k gold contains 37.5% pure gold. 9k is the minimum standard used in the United Kingdom. This assay is widely used for the manufacture of jewelry.

•    14k
The 14k gold contains 58.3% pure gold. It is often stamped 585.

•    18K gold
The 18k gold contains 75.0% pure gold. It is highly recommended for fine jewelry.

•    22k gold
The 22k gold contains 91.7% pure gold. Its low hardness, it is not suitable for the manufacture of studded jewelry and can only be used for simple in gold jewelry.

•    24k gold
The 24k gold contains 100% pure gold. Gold, in this form, is extremely malleable and thus cannot be used for all types of jewelry. The punches indicate the carat of the metal and its purity. They do not indicate the color of gold. Color options for gold vary. The most popular gold color is white gold, followed by yellow gold. The color difference between yellow and white gold is determined by the metals used in the alloy composition. Have you clicked for the gold anklets? Always remember a well-made gem in a classic design, will accompany you, for your enjoyment, many years and even a lifetime if cared for properly.

Color combinations

Jewelry can also be performed using a combination of different colors of gold. You can select gold anklets in two-tone gold or gold colored.

Considerations between carat and color

When deciding between a carat and color, consider;

•    The strength of the metal you need for everyday use.
•    The difference in color between the gold 9k and 18k.
•    The price differences between a carat and color.

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