Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Burqa Store: Stop Outlawing Burqas

You must have read or heard that in France, a bill, which will be discussed by the Cabinet on May 19 provides for a fine of up to 150 euros for people wearing the full veil. Well, it is quite a fury for the Asian Muslims to be living in such a country where burqas are taboo. We condemn such things in UAE. The Muslim women in UAE are fortunate enough not to go through any such restrictions. You can find hundreds of Burqa stores in Dubai both on streets, malls and even online.

Burqas: a global restriction?

The Belgian text approved unanimously by MEPs, must go before the Senate to be adopted. But if the text goes on, Belgium will be the first European country to ban the full veil in public spaces. In France, the bill is organized into two main sections: the first that imposes single fine women who wear the full veil, the second that severely punishes anyone who would force a woman to hide her face (up to one year in prison and 15,000 euros fine). Now this is just impossible and hard to bear! We wish Muslim women find Burqa stores in European countries as well despite the ban!

Furthermore, a French Muslim convert was explained in April why she has chosen to wear the sitar, the Saudi full veil, and how the proposal to ban worries. The lady, Oum Abdallah lives in Marseille region. It bears the burqa for ten years. She states: “I am French, I am not of Arab origin. Members of my family are either atheists or agnostics. No one is Muslim. I decided to convert to Islam before my wedding. At first, I was not wearing the veil, but without covering my face.

This is my wedding day when I adopted the Burqa. I wanted to do this before, but my parents would not have allowed me to dress like this at home. I wear the veil because that is what it means to my religion. I dress like women of the Prophet, who are my models. My husband ordered me not to do it, not at all. He did not object to when I reveal my face, even though he was still glad I cover it.” There was much discussion of the possible ban on the burqa".

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