Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Gold bangles online: Do you wear jewelry?

It’s been ages since gold jewelry is being discovered by word-of-mouth. Today, Anne Thomas, Rhea Annelise Michelson, Philippe Airaud and Paola Zovar: these five famous young creators have chosen to work in gold. Lighten up; they set the tone for the jewelry of tomorrow. To buy gold bangles online in Dubai, click at Crazydeals.com.

Anne Thomas, the velvet craftswoman
Who is she? A young French woman who has the creative principle of mixing the softness of velvet and stiffness of gold metal. We love her colorful creations to suit all styles and all ages. Why did she decide to embark on the creation of jewelry? She says, it all started with a desire, a creative expression related to fashion. The breakthrough comes mainly from a desire for independence. What are her favorite materials? She loves gold, ceramics and especially the velvet which is used in all the colors.  What is the gem that can never draw?  It’s a jewel that is designed to shock. She loves to design personalized gold bangles for actresses such as Kristin Scott Thomas, Julie Delpy, Eva Green and more.

Rhea, romantic outsider
Who is she? Tamara is a young designer who presented her first jewelry collection next spring. It features sculpted gold jewelry, rough shapes, and bangles. Her collection is inspired by the Rorschach test. She always had the feeling of being an outsider and wanted to make her ideas, by her means. The gold jewels are a fascinating subject, we all like wearing them, and it's just by chance that she started making her exotic gold bangles collection.  In the sculpting of a gold bangle, one can express and hope to share strong emotions, because the jewel has no limit. What are her favorite materials? She likes the mix of common materials like bronze and brass but also valuable materials such as silver, titanium and gold.

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