Monday, 25 April 2016

Chopard perfumes: the success of womanhood

Women love to take care of themselves and use the perfume as a weapon of seduction, and men cannot resist. It is the fussy perfumery side, they rather choose to play safe yet playful to seduce. Chopard perfumes women exactly do the same for you! They know how to charm you as a woman and to make sure it appeals to the opposite soul as well. In order to expand sales and satisfy consumers, the brand invest high budgets, both in research and development in their communication campaigns.

This is a real victory

The market of women perfume is being engulfed, Chopard perfumes still know to stand out from its competitors! The giant business manages to impose on the top step of the podium of perfumes in France, before the inevitable LVMH and Chanel. The Chopard for women is now the leader of the women's fragrance in the UAE, with a turnover of nearly 17 million, competing ‘I love to Dior’ and ‘Little Black Dress’ by Guerlain. Chanel not only comes fourth with Coco Mademoiselle, before Chanel No. 5, which lost in sales in two years.

It took two years of work for Chopard to cook the juice built around the iris, jasmine and orange blossom. These three factors explain the success of life!

Sweet trend

Chopard perfumes women fragrance is fully in this mode for sugary and gourmet touches. The notes are all part of this olfactory trend. It was necessary to reach this level of performance, that now the women fragrances are immediately identifiable by wake but also by sophisticated glass bottles. The names are both simple and effective goes well with the "image of women anti-bling returned by the muse. They have worked via amalgamation of sweet floral and all so natural materials. The rose, the rose essence and rose absolute. The pink gasoline is very costly, and with great fanfare, it gains a lot with the starting notes.

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