Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Boss perfume: Invigorating and gentle on the face and body

It is always suggested to choose perfume according to your individual style. The line BOSS, BOSS Orange, and HUGO offer an outstanding selection of men's fragrances as well as shower gels, aftershaves and deodorants. Discover diverse scented shades of HUGO BOSS: sharp, fresh and sensual. Boss perfumes are just perfect for any occasion! To get the best Boss perfume price in UAE, visit online shopping mode.

Boss: Stimulating 

Hugo Boss is a treat to oneself! Since its inception, Boss perfume accompany men and women on the path to success. Over the years, the Hugo perfumes have continued to embody the elegance and modernity through their refined notes and timeless design, while maintaining somberness. Everyone will be in one of these unique and sophisticated fragrances.

The Boss Nuit

The freshness of Boss Nuit (Night) is just amazing! Although it is an evening fragrance, Boss Nuit remains to be a very fresh and delicate essence. It was composed by the talented perfumer Annick Menardo. Boss Night will start with a very velvety sensation. It abounds including ice fishing. Thus, he wanted to be as soft as velvet or a pat on a woman's skin. Moreover, this very tasty fruity Boss perfume is still dazzled by the brightness of aldehydes. It appears as a light fragrance like a light in the middle of the night.

Then, Boss Night evolves into a particularly feminine and floral heart. The latter is full of violet and jasmine. Thus, it is a particularly concentrated gasoline powdered scents. Moreover, this juice is also enriched with white flowers, which only prolongs its lightness. Finally, it evolves into a very sensual base containing woody notes and sandalwood. Boss Night appeared as a seductive fragrance and tempter par excellence. All its fragrance is based on a dazzling contrast of chiaroscuro. This only reinforces its mystery and attractiveness.

Perfume magnificence at par

Boss Night made its appearance in 2012 and appears to be a perfect olfactory echo of the Boss Black line of clothing. Boss Nuit appears as the essential accessory to complete any of these outfits. This is a fragrance halfway between strength and sensuality, determination and tenderness.

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