Saturday, 23 April 2016

Calvin Klein handbags: the chicest way to carry

Much more than the choice of the bag for the autumn-winter 2015-2016, it is the way it is carried that comes first! Time to catch up with your favorite Calvin Klein handbags colored pouches, XL bag, backpacks or doctor's bag; the important thing is to slip it under arms or wear it in hand.

The bag of winter bruised under arms
This is undoubtedly the right attitude fashion for a year now! This year, we have identified among designers like Calvin Klein handbags. To adopt it, it is that we have to hold the bag on the side of the arm. This is one of the top secret folder looks by fashionistas playing on the runway of the Fashion week! The goal is to show that our bag is so precious that we prefer to keep it close to our body!

Allow bag hanging to play the divas!

A Calvin Klein handbag is precisely by the hand, and it stands! For the festive summer 2106, the creators are unanimous! But, it is the CK held by the handle just like the old school. Moreover, we do not hesitate to bend our shoulder instead of using them. The divas are played by holding a small trunk Baroque!

 Take bag to the fingertips

Yes, it is the kind of look that you carry a clutch handy. It is by far used as a sports bag that accompanies us in the gym. The backpack Calvin Klein handbag becomes almost an ultra-refined feminine accessory with our outfits! And to further emphasize it more, we ask you to avoid wearing it on the shoulders like a schoolgirl. On the contrary, it rather takes the tips of how delicate and precious this accessory is!

The cute purse in the back!

As Calvin Klein handbags, they introduce this year the rule of "bag on the back"! Instead of wearing on the shoulder traditionally (side or front), the CK designers innovate and offer fashionistas to "hide" it behind their back.

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