Sunday, 24 April 2016

Diamond ring: who can resist?

A classic diamond ring is mounted on four small claws allowing the diamond to shine in all their brilliance. We love this kind of model because it can easily be worn every day and brings light to any face. Whether brunette, blond, matte, clear or what not, these earrings you will match. You can find the standard 0.33 and up to 2 carats. Pay less for Diamond ring in Dubai at

The square diamond ring:

These rings can be a beautiful birthday gift for a little princess. Especially with the high-security clasp Alpha, you will not lose them or have any trifling wound. This is typically the kind of Diamond ring that is very pleasing to a bride, fiancĂ©e or even to the young mother. The diamond in the square can be cut in another way. Drop, star, circle, it’s up to you.

Because diamonds are not only made for brides, this is typically the kind of jewelry that you can offer any woman you love, for any occasion. Simple, discreet, elegant, the ring is just beautiful. Consisting of tiny 50-60 diamonds, this jewelry will go to each of you.

Thanks to its extremely simple line. For a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a sister any model is wonderful. The clasp as a linear click box is reinforced by two retaining rings. As we have seen previously, there is a prong setting that allows light to pass through the jewelry and so it can release all the brilliance the diamond is able of. For an evening with the famous little black dress, light makeup raised  red glamor lips ... what else?

House Celinni in Dubai

House Celinni agrees on ensuring the quality and the lowest price. For each jewel, you will be a Chartered Insurance authenticity. The stones are available only certified by the three largest laboratories: HRD, GIA, and IGI. Have you shopped a diamond ring for her yet?

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