Thursday, 7 April 2016

Latest Handbags: let’s reveal the past

For a perfect look, the latest handbags in Dubai are among essential fashion accessories for women. There are a wide variety of bags available on the market and online at  Also, the materials used are increasingly diversified to produce quality products that meet the needs of fashion. This explains the growing number of companies that specialize in designing, manufacturing and selling handbags worldwide. So what’s the history of bags?

Historically, the need to carry objects and effects that were found made it essential to create something that could carry the goods.  That is why it has become necessary to invent a container able to contain the necessary and why it is not also redundant.

The derivation of the word ‘handbag'.
The term bag originates from the Hebrew "Sak" which refers to a coarse fabric designed with goat hair. It was the 11th the term handbag made its first appearance. Since its inception, the bag was designed to carry small essentials. Moreover, other sources also appear languages including English. Indeed, the word "baga" in English refers Provencal luggage which are handcrafted bags. And to view the latest handbags, click!

The route handbags
Initially, specifically in ancient times, the bags were for slaves. Yes, you read it right! They were designed to carry the affairs of their masters. In this way, they would have absolutely nothing to wear. But during the Middle Ages, a clothing accessory of the same inspiration was born. Its use has blurred between the 16th and 17th century to make a comeback in the 18th century.

Indeed, from there, the handbag has become a fashion accessory. Particular care has been taken, from designing to fabrics and crafting. Various ornaments were used like the pearl. It is only in the early 20th century that the handbag has become a fashion item that combines the feminine only. To get your hands on latest handbags, click online shopping mode.

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