Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Chopard perfumes women: How to prolong your perfume?

Wouldn’t you like your perfume to last for hours? Just use the range of Chopard perfumes for women while fitting in various categories that you love: soap, deodorant, gel, etc.  The brand assures long-lasting fragrance. Now how can you maintain Chopard perfumes products? The tricks and tips are right here!

Pamper yourself!

In the shower, use a Chopard perfume deep cleansing using a loofah or a sea sponge. This will get rid of dead cells and prepare your skin for the moisturizer.


Choose a cream or moisturizer with or without perfume. It will not only balance the pH of your skin but also trap the fragrance you apply and disseminate it subtly throughout the day. Our favorites:
   Chopard perfume shower gel which protects the skin against external aggression, in addition, to restoring suppleness and hydration.
   Cold Cream with smooth formula with natural plant oils.
   A moisturizing lotion for a smooth texture that leaves no greasy or sticky feel.

 Go for discreet protection

Prefer any Chopard perfume deodorant to prevent it competing with any other of your favorite perfume that can create an olfactory disharmony.
Our favorites:
   Chopard deodorant stick formulated without aluminum salts and alcohol-free and allows to keep cool for 24 hours.
   Antiperspirant ball which dries quickly without leaving a white residue. Contains no parabens and is hypoallergenic.
   Extensive Care deodorant which offers long lasting protection while soothing and protecting sensitive skin. Without aluminum salts and alcohol-free.

How to apply your Chopard perfume for long-lasting odor
Spray your perfume water on pulse points (behind the ears, back of the knees, inside the elbows): this is where your arteries are closest to your skin and that the distribution will be most effective. Remember your hair: porous; they will trap the fragrance and streaming broadcast. Another of our favorite trick: If your favorite fragrance allows, bet on its derivatives. Cream, soap, shower gel and more. Don’t you think after all these tricks, your favorite perfume will last until evening?

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