Monday, 2 May 2016

Carrera Sunglasses: Your Choice This Summer

Carrera sunglasses offer the choice of lenses that are a must! It is not just a result of an impulsive purchase which yields to the temptations of fashion, it is one that doesn’t harm your eyes ever! Above all, it focuses on the quality filtering of harmful rays of sun. Remember that a dark tinted glass can sometimes be less protective than a clear glass! What are you waiting for? Click to know the Carrera sunglasses price in Dubai at

The perfect glass is both able to filter UV, having a satisfactory optical quality and respect the colors as much as possible. It is the squaring of the circle, actually! The filter lenses, both mineral (shock sensitive but difficult to remove) or organic must be CE approved and carry a rating from 1 to 4. This is what Carrera sunglasses offer. You need not to worry! Note: a glass category will be perfect for the mountain, but you cannot drive with it.

Excellency this summer! 

Whether trendy, colorful, chic, star or sports, it is important that you are protected with Carrera sunglasses! These exclusive sunglasses are available in all sorts of colors and shapes. The colors range from bright to neutral. Forms are designed to adapt to any face shape. The design is elegant and sophisticated, so that any type of woman would wear a pair. The sunglasses have fantastic details on the sides and unique shapes, so you stand out in the crowd. A number of celebrities have been spotted sporting these elegant glasses, including Kate Bosworth.

The story of Carrera

The brand is buoyant with sunglasses and watches.  It continued the design of mark up and transformed the face with high-level accessories. Carrera sunglasses stores are located all over the world in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Japan and America and spread across several cities like London, Paris, Cannes, Qatar, Dubai, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, New York , Miami, Tokyo, Kobe and Osaka to name a few.

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