Sunday, 15 May 2016

Branded shoes: recommended as per season

It’s better to buy a pair of "medium" sized branded shoes in Dubai for between seasons. A shoe suited to the first steps of your child must have different features, including the non-slip soles, flexible and light, a rounded shape in the tip and buttresses and tips (i.e. heels and toes) that are comfortable and safe. Note that the foot of the child, grows a lot during the first years of life; by 8 cm in average at birth is up to 25 cm more on average, an adult.

Take smart steps

Just for the monthly growth of the "first steps" feet, it is good to choose shoes that have at least one centimeter of growth, i.e., the distance that exists between the "big toe" and the tip of the shoe. This way, if you're lucky, you can make the child wear branded shoes throughout an entire season.


Exactly what happens in the world of adults, even children's branded shoes offer a range of models and types. You can, of course, choose the color, the features that most will own terms and that best meet the needs of the child. There are still the reference features that may help you to match the situation to the right shoe.

•  Open 

This type of footwear is recommended for the summer, although it is not a good idea to wear it too young. It is typical of sandals, with locking straps that make possible the free movement, but do not provide any protection to the foot, which remains, for the most part, discovered.

•  Half-open 

It is a choice that many moms and dads do for their children. These shoes are in fact a good compromise between too open shoes, and therefore not very protective, and closed, not very comfortable in the summer. The half-open footwear have side openings and the holes (usually two) at the top. Branded shoes must provide adequate protection and an equally comfortable breath ability.

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