Monday, 2 May 2016

Carrera shoes faultless irresistible trend!

Let it be said, at the office how would you pair with Carrera shoes? The Carrera lace boots to wear are neither right with pants or with a skirt suit or even a dress with three holes. So to be able to fit them into our office one chooses black pants, cut folds to just above the ankle that one associates with a nice gray sweater. And to enhance the mundane, snap up with the finest pair of fancy earrings. To pay the best Carrera shoes price, click online shopping store

Carrera shoes- ideal combo to work

Have you never customized your pair of Carrera shoes? Words of love, pine or works of art, at that time the basketball and colorful flat, was seen as a real tool to reflect a personality. Today, to meet the trainer addicts, the brand launched its first customization service. The program for this creative platform online: The iconic Carrera shoes high or low, comes to infinity. Paintings, shoes, colors, prints, laces and even seams, there are over 100 possibilities to the designer in you to create a unique style that reflects your style.

We bet this is what you would have dreamed of? Carrera is a little brand that rhymes with youth. First exit, the first portable, first kisses and first trips between girlfriends, for many, been experienced with a pair of Carrera. Many have been worn day after day, and washed out, but never dreamed of throwing them away. But times have changed, and if we are delighted to witness the comeback, one wonders how to wear while remaining stylish.

How about at office?

If the mere thought of wearing Carrera shoes in office triggers in you a sense of unease know that nothing is impossible, and that can be made sophisticated by wearing them. For this, we opt for slim leather pants that one marries a colored wool sweater on which a collar is placed in (fake) fur.

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